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    Orthodontics for beautiful tooth position

    Everyone can have a beautiful smile, including you! We can correct your misaligned teeth professionally, quickly, and according to your needs. Contact us and our orthodontists will be happy to discuss your concerns with you personally.

    Uncomplicated and safe

    Four steps to a beautiful smile.
    Getting braces is a simple process:


    This is where we get an initial picture of your teeth, discuss your treatment goals and how to achieve them.


    After analyzing the situation, we use digital x-rays and a digital impression (3D scan) to determine the best treatment for you, inform you of the next steps and provide you with a cost estimate.


    We place your custom-made braces. You will be checked periodically and your braces will be adjusted if necessary.

    4.Completion of your treatment:

    The results of the treatment will be checked – the treatment is considered complete when you are satisfied with the results.

    Braces for young and old

    Orthodontics and braces are not just for children. Orthodontic treatment can also improve the position of the teeth in adults. There is an appropriate method of correction for every type of misaligned teeth:

    Tooth Gaps/Spaces




    Cross Bite

    Offener Biss

    Open bite





    Try It Out

    We use our proven methods to correct the position of your teeth. Get an idea with our before and after pictures by moving the sliders from left to right.

    You also have the option to create a free before and after picture of yourself in just a few moments to see what your potential new smile could look like!

    Invisible braces

    Braces don’t have to be conspicuous. Today there are several solutions that are invisible, like our clear plastic aligners or lingual devices that are fixed and worn in the mouth. We also offer night braces that can be removed during the day, as well as many other products. We will be happy to advise you individually on which product is right for you.


    Lingual appliance

    Visible braces

    Both removable and fixed braces are available. Removable braces are ideal for correcting jaw and bite position during growth. With traditional fixed braces, brackets are bonded to each tooth, fixed in place, and connected by a wire to correct the misalignment of the teeth. Fixed braces are available in tooth-colored ceramic or the more durable metal version. They are a quick, precise and reliable way to correct tooth misalignment.

    Fixed braces

    Removable braces

    Our orthodontists near you

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    Elisabeth Leber
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    Smile Clinix offers a range of dental solutions, whether it’s implants, fillings, pediatric dentistry, or just an annual checkup. We have what you are looking for.

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