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    Your dentist for every demand

    We have the right treatment for every need. Whether you have a toothache, need braces for yourself or your child, want dental implants, or just want to schedule an annual checkup, our dentists are here to help. We are happy to advise you personally on the best treatment option for you, or you can browse our full range of services here.



    Teeth have a great influence on a person’s appearance. Beautiful, white teeth signal health, youth and self-confidence and are important in professional and private life.

    Dental aesthetics is more than just beautiful white teeth, it also includes healthy gums and the functional harmony of the rows of teeth in the upper and lower jaw.

    We will be happy to work with you to analyze your requirements and offer you customized solutions.

    Applications: whitening, veneers, dental jewelry, orthodontics, smile design

    Prophylaxis and dental hygiene

    Prophylaxis is the prevention of dental diseases (e.g. caries) and gum diseases (e.g. gingivitis and periodontitis).

    Our professional team will advise and assist you with your personal oral hygiene.

    A professional cleaning includes the removal of tartar above and below the gum line, as well as polishing to remove stains from the teeth. To make it easier for you to get your teeth cleaned regularly, we offer our recall system after your treatment is complete, reminding you by phone or in writing to get your teeth cleaned.

    Applications: dental hygiene, oral hygiene, nutrition, check-up, bad breath, saliva test



    Whether dentures, implants, crowns or bridges – depending on the needs and goals of our customers, we offer a variety of dental prostheses that are always individually tailored to the patient. For accurate impressions, we use digital scans and simulate the final result on the computer before the actual treatment.

    Our goal at Smile Clinix is to provide you with dental restorations that are customized to your oral situation and overall appearance. Dental restorations should be based on nature in design, shape and color, and should match your personality.

    Applications: dentures, implants, crowns, bridges, veneers, scans, smile design.



    Implants replace missing teeth. Modeled after natural teeth, an artificial tooth root made of titanium or zirconium oxide is the basis for crowns, bridges, or to hold dentures in place. A healed implant can withstand the same stresses as a natural tooth, and implant crowns or bridges can blend harmoniously with existing teeth. Dental implants give you a completely natural feeling in your mouth when you talk, eat and laugh. You will hardly notice any difference from your natural teeth. Let our experts advise you.

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    Applications: digital scan, 3D technology, guided surgery, minimally invasive procedures



    Correcting misaligned teeth is often associated with children and adolescents. However, the ideal of straight, beautiful teeth can still be achieved during adulthood. Correcting teeth in adulthood certainly has more than just aesthetic reasons. Very often, malocclusions are the cause of a functional disorder. They can then cause a variety of complaints such as headaches, neck and back pain, dizziness, ringing in the ears, etc. With this in mind, the correction of malocclusions is also important for health reasons. There is a wide range of fixed braces available today. However, they all have one thing in common: we make them individually and with the highest precision for each patient.

    For more accurate planning and high-quality work, we use digital optical scans instead of impressions whenever possible. You and your teeth are in good hands with us.

    Applications: multiband technology, Invisalign, Invisalign therapy, lingual technology, mini screws, removable braces, Bionator, Activator therapy, invisible braces, fixed braces

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    A hole (cavity) in a tooth is usually caused by tooth decay or a broken piece of tooth. In order to prevent further destruction of the precious tooth substance, the defect must be carefully restored. An accurate and early diagnosis of tooth decay saves the tooth from costly root canal treatment. Each cavity can be optimally restored according to its size. Different methods are available: small to medium defects can be restored with resin fillings, medium to large defects can be restored with ceramic inlays or overlays.

    Applications: ceramic inlays, CEREC, amalgam-free treatment, resin fillings, digital scan, CAD/CAM


    Digital dentistry

    All of our offices are equipped with the latest technology. For example, digital x-rays are as much a part of our standard equipment as an operating microscope. It goes without saying that computer-assisted precise diagnosis, planning and quality work are essential. Especially in the field of implantology we have many advantages due to digital techniques. We are able to pre-plan drilling templates on the computer. In complicated and complex cases, this increases planning reliability, and the positioning of the implants is based on the prosthetic planning for you.

    Applications: diagnostics, digital x-ray, surgical microscope, CAD/CAM, guided surgery, digital implant planning, minimally invasive procedures, teeth in an hour


    Pediatric dentistry (Wild Smile)

    Dental treatment is a matter of trust – especially for children. At our practice, we make a visit to the dentist fun and enjoyable. We build trust from the very first visit. Our goal is to offer children and parents comprehensive advice and care in all aspects of pediatric and adolescent dentistry. In our practice, which is specially designed for children, the visit should be a positive experience. Many children have misaligned teeth. After a detailed preliminary examination, an appropriate individual correction is determined together with the child and the parents, and is usually carried out over several years. State-of-the-art computer-assisted methods give a first impression of the desired result at the beginning of the treatment.

    Applications: consultation, check-up, prophylaxis, teeth cleaning, filling therapy, painless anesthesia, dental accident, orthodontics, braces

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