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    Implants – aesthetic and reliable

    Implants are like artificial tooth roots that can completely replace missing teeth.
    Dental implants promise full function and natural aesthetics, almost like your own teeth.

    IImplants are almost always possible and are not a question of age. After a healing period, the implant can withstand the same stresses as a natural tooth.

    As implant specialists, we offer the following services:

    Verlust einzelner Zaehne

    Replacement of one tooth or multiple teeth

    Verlust mehrer Zaehne

    Replacement of all teeth

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    Fixation of prostheses

    Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to advise you..

    The road to your new implant

    With an implant, you can count on a low-pain, sustainable treatment.
    This is done in five phases:

    1.Consultation and evaluation:

    After a thorough examination, we will discuss with you the treatment options available and suggest an appropriate and personalized treatment.

    2. Three-dimensional X-rays

    Sometimes it is useful to take 3D X-rays to better plan your treatment. This helps us to protect sensitive areas such as nerves and sinuses.

    3.Surgery and recovery:

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    We perform a minor surgical procedure to place the implant in your jawbone. Our experienced anesthesiologists will choose the best method of anesthesia. A short recovery period follows.

    4. Placing the dental prosthesis

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    After the implant has healed, we expose and shape the gum over the implant. We then work with a dental technician to make the appropriate prosthesis, which is placed in another session..

    5.Follow-up and maintenance

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    After you have received the implant, it is important to take good care of it. We will help you by showing you how to clean it properly and by arranging check-up appointments. You will receive all this information in writing.

    Gentle treatment thanks to the latest technology

    Upon request or when indicated, we offer the use of the most advanced computer-simulated and template-guided surgical techniques.

    This ensures a gentle and low-pain procedure.

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    Three-dimensional computer simulation

    After a thorough consultation, we create a three-dimensional X-ray image using digital volume tomography. This allows a precise analysis of the actual condition of the nerves, surrounding tissues, bone and sinus and, based on this, the selection of suitable implants.
    With the help of a special computer program, the procedure is planned and mapped in all three dimensions according to the individual conditions.

    Template-guided implant placement

    After planning on the computer, we create a so-called drilling template, if necessary. It is inserted into the mouth during implant placement. In this way, the computer planning can be carried out with millimeter precision. This makes the procedure safer, less painful and more tissue-conserving than conventional methods – this is why it is also called “minimally invasive surgery”. Thanks to digital preparation the duration of the operation is significantly reduced. Sensitive anatomical structures such as nerves, blood vessels and the maxillary sinus are optimally protected. The already low risk of complications is even more minimized, and post-operative swelling and
    pain are also reduced to a minimum. The result is long-lasting implants that guarantee a firm bite for many years.

    Fixed teeth in a day

    The “All-on-Four method” makes it possible to achieve immediate restoration with complete prostheses attached to only four implant screws per jaw. Any remaining teeth can be removed during the procedure. A specially fabricated temporary dental arch can be screwed in and immediately subjected to pressure after the implants are placed. This means that there is no loss of quality of life during the healing period. The
    final prosthesis is placed three to six months later. Even if you have been missing teeth for a long time and the jawbone has already receded, you will still benefit from this solution: Because the two posterior implants are placed at an angle, there is no need to augment the bone.

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