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    We gift dental treatments to 1’000 children in Mongolia


    This is how Smile Clinix supports the Misheel Kids Foundation

    This year, Smile Clinix will again carry out a dental mission in rural areas of Mongolia together with a local dental team. The mission aims to provide dental care and education about dental hygiene to children in remote regions who do not have access to dental care. The mission will take place from February 27 to March 13, 2023 and will be implemented in cooperation with the Misheel Kids Foundation.

    The importance of dental care for children in Mongolia

    Dental care for children in Mongolia is of crucial importance as many children grow up in underprivileged families or in orphanages where they do not have access to dental examinations, proper oral hygiene and nutrition education. The Misheel Kids Foundation and Smile Clinix volunteer to ensure that these children have access to quality dental care to improve their dental health and lead healthier lives.

    Unterstützen Sie die Misheel Kids Foundation

    Smile Clinix: collaboration with the Misheel Kids Foundation

    As a dental office, we decided to support the Misheel Kids Foundation to help the children of Mongolia. We believe that everyone is entitled to good dental care, especially children. Our dentists have made their expertise and resources available to meet the dental care needs in the rural areas of Mongolia. In addition, together with Dr.med.Dent. Jacques Schultheiss, Smile Clinix is a sponsor of the organization..

    We work directly with the Misheel Kids Foundation to provide the necessary resources to help children in need. From February 27, 2023, Severin Hunziker will be in northern Mongolia for two weeks as the treating dentist, together with a team of 3 local dentists, 4 local dental students, 3 drivers and 3 more people. They will offer dental services to children in rural areas and pass on important information on oral hygiene and nutrition.
    A complete rehabilitation of a child currently costs 110.- CHF. On average, children require between 4 and 8 tooth fillings, root fillings or tooth extractions.

    Within the two weeks, we can treat around 1’000 children locally and teach around 1’500 children and parents at village schools and kindergartens in nutrition and oral hygiene prophylaxis.

    You, too, can easily support the Misheel Kids Foundation!

    You can support the Misheel Kids Foundation in various ways. Directly on the website from the foundation, you can contribute with a donation, or you can register as a volunteer and get involved in the foundation, for example by organizing fundraising events. Every single contribution, regardless of its size, can help children in Mongolia to lead a healthier and better life. .

    Check out our social media accounts for more on the mission between February 27th and March 13th. Follow us now!