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    Your dentists in Basel and surroundings

    Smile Clinix Standort Wettstein

    Basel Wettstein
    Rheinfelderstrasse 6, 4058 Basel
    061 681 81 80, wettstein@smileclinix.ch

    The personal neighborhood practice is situated between Wettsteinplatz and Messe Basel. It is conveniently accessible by bus (No. 31, 34, or 38) or tram (No. 2 or 15).

    Smile Clinix Standort Spalen

    Basel Spalen
    Missionsstrasse 1a, 4055 Basel
    061 261 46 33, spalen@smileclinix.ch

    The practice is located directly opposite the Spalentor. Easily accessible by tram and bus. Stops are located nearby. Bus No. 30, Tram No. 3.

    Smile Clinix Standort Muttenz

    Muttenz Dorf
    Hauptstrasse 85, 4132 Muttenz
    061 461 30 90, muttenz@smileclinix.ch

    The practice is easily accessible by public transportation (Tram No. 14, Bus No. 60 – Muttenz-Dorf stop). Parking spaces for cars are available in the surrounding area for a fee.

    Smile Clinix Standort Pratteln

    Pratteln Train Station
    Bahnhofplatz 1, 4133 Pratteln
    061 826 50 30, pratteln@smileclinix.ch

    You’ll find our wheelchair-accessible practice in the Aquila Tower. It’s accessible by tram, bus, train, and car; parking in the underground garage is free for the first half hour.

    Smile Clinix Standort Liestal

    Liestal Train Station
    Bahnhofplatz 11, 4410 Liestal
    061 927 13 13, liestal@smileclinix.ch

    You will find our wheelchair-accessible practice in the UNO building near Liestal train station. It is accessible by bus, train, and car; parking in the underground garage is subject to a fee.

    Smile Clinix Standort Dornach

    Dornach Nepomukzentrum
    Neuarlesheimerstrasse 4, 4143 Dornach
    061 703 88 44, dornach@smileclinix.ch

    Our wheelchair-accessible practice is located in the Coop Nepomukzentrum, in close proximity to the train station and easily accessible by public transportation. Paid parking spaces are available.